Saharan Scorcher: THIRD of people don’t know what to do if their dog has heatstroke

RSPCA plea to pet owners to take ‘every precaution possible’ to keep their animals safe during intense heatwave  

The RSPCA says it could be ‘a matter of life or death’ if pet owners do not take extreme caution and familiarise themselves with the signs of heatstroke in animals ahead of the severe heatwave this weekend.

The urgent advice comes as the Met Office has issued an Amber Extreme Heat Warning and a Level 3 UK Health Security Agency Heat Health Alert is in place for parts of England and Wales.

Recent polling revealed that more than a third of people* wouldn’t know what action to take if their dog was showing signs of heatstroke. 

The RSPCA’s animal welfare experts are urging pet owners to take every precaution possible to protect their pets, from skipping walks and keeping them indoors out of the heat, to making frozen treats to encourage them to keep hydrated.

Esme Wheeler, dog welfare expert at the RSPCA, said: “The hot weather has gone from glorious to extreme, and we can’t stress enough how vital it is that pet owners take the situation seriously. That means limiting or skipping walks, only taking very essential car journeys, leaving water available at all times, and preparing damp, cold towels and mats, and frozen treats.

“We’re still getting reports of dogs being left in cars, and seeing a lot of dogs being taken to busy outdoor events like festivals, shows and fetes, and to the beach. Don’t be that person who is dragging their panting dog along the pavement or plodding around a garden show. We can’t stress this enough – please leave them at home in the cool where they’ll be safe.”

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