10 days left to vote, have you voted?

The RCVS has just announced that only 9% of us have voted so far in VN Council elections.

Thats right 9%, there are only 10 days left before voting closes.

I pray that it is like ebay – everyone leaves it until the last minute?

Or is that people just cannot be bothered – if you want your voice heard then vote.

The VN Council struggles with engagement, not a big shock to hear really when we have such low voting numbers.

Where are all the RVNs I spoke to at BSAVA who said they were going to vote?

I gave out over 200 badges – I expect everyone with a badge to vote.

This is our Council and our chance to be heard.

Get voting now!

You can watch all of the Candidate Videos at the link below:


You can vote at the link below:






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