BVNA and International Cat Care announce exciting new collaboration to benefit veterinary nurses and cats.

BVNA and International Cat Care announce exciting new collaboration to benefit veterinary nurses and cats.

The British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) and International Cat Care (iCatCare) are proud to announce a new partnership to support veterinary nurses in their care for cats.

At the BVNA’s October congress, President Alex Taylor announced International Cat Care as the charity of choice for her presidential year. Alex (AKA ‘The Cat Nurse’) is a passionate advocate for cats and, as a charity supporting veterinary professionals and cat owners to improve feline welfare, iCatCare was a natural fit.

Alex commented

“Selecting iCatCare as the chosen charity for my presidential year was an honour to do. Not just because of my passion for cats, but because iCatCare and their veterinary division ISFM have always supported and championed veterinary nurses.  There are so many veterinary nurses out there who have a keen interest and passion for feline welfare, and we have a huge role to play in promoting feline wellbeing, whether that’s in a clinical environment or through cat owner education.

I am very proud to be part of the feline veterinary nursing and BVNA communities, so this collaboration is very dear to my heart. I have no doubt that the partnership between the BVNA and iCatCare will benefit the veterinary nursing profession and help improve feline welfare for many years to come. “

As the veterinary division of iCatCare, The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) recognises the importance of veterinary nurses in the care and welfare of cats. ISFM provides many resources to help nurses learn and apply their knowledge of all things feline in practice.

ISFM Programme Manager, Sarah Collins, commented ‘As an RVN, I hugely appreciate the work carried out by the BVNA to support nurses and represent and promote our profession. I am therefore delighted to be working with them to enhance knowledge of feline physical health and mental wellbeing to improve feline welfare via the veterinary nurse community’

Head of ISFM, Nathalie Dowgray, stated ‘2022 is the 10-year anniversary of our Cat Friendly Clinic Programme and the success of this programme in the UK is in no small part due to the support of veterinary nurses. Collaboration with BVNA will be a fantastic step in our Cat Friendly Evolution’.

The collaboration between BVNA and International Cat Care aims to empower veterinary nurses to ‘speak up for cats’ and will see the two organisations work together in 2022 and beyond.

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