BVNA Council Approves new Officer Team for 2021/22 year

Following the BVNA Council meeting on 10th July, BVNA council have approved the officer positions, to be formally ratified in the AGM at BVNA Congress 2021.

The officer team 21/22 proposed will be:

Jo Oakden RVN – Senior Vice President

Alex Taylor RVN – President

Charlotte Pace RVN – Junior Vice President

Lyndsay Hughes RVN – Honorary Secretary

Craig Tessyman RVN  – Honorary Treasurer

We want to take this opportunity to give huge thanks to 2020/21 officers Albert Holgate & Samantha Payne for their commitment and time given to the officer role this last year.

BVNA President Jo Oakden said:

‘A BVNA Officer role is a busy role and requires extra time commitment to BVNA Council, it is where decisions with a shorter turn-around are made. I am hugely grateful to those officers who gave their time for this year, supporting me as president.

I look forward to welcoming Charlotte, Lyndsay and Craig into their new roles, and working with them as I enter my Senior Vice President year.

It is not long now until I hand over the BVNA Presidential reins to Alex Taylor, who will be a fantastic president, and has achieved a huge project in her JVP year with the chronic illness campaign. I look forward to supporting her in the presidential role in the upcoming year.’

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