College consults on new standards framework for veterinary nurse training

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has launched a consultation on its standards framework for veterinary nurse training as part of a regular review process to make sure they remain up-to-date and fit for purpose.

The Standards Framework for Veterinary Nurse Education and Training sets out the professional values, skills and behaviours required of approved educational institutions (AEIs), delivery sites and the training practices (TPs) responsible for providing the training and support for student veterinary nurses.

Along with other standards frameworks, the College reviews these standards on a five-yearly basis to ensure that AEIs, delivery sites and TPs have the structures to best provide contemporary and innovative approaches to education for student veterinary nurses, while being accountable for the local delivery and management of accredited programmes.

The new draft framework includes updates relating to sustainability, including the potential impact of delivering veterinary nurse training on the environment, and academic integrity, for example, around assessment and moderation processes.

Julie Dugmore, RCVS Director of Veterinary Nursing, said: “We are looking for veterinary nurses in all walks of life – as well as student nurses and veterinary surgeons – to provide constructive and specific feedback on our proposals.

“Your insights will help us ensure that the standards continue to enable veterinary nurse educators to deliver the best training and support possible for our students, prepare them for life in clinical practice, and ensure that animal health and welfare is a foremost consideration.

“In fact, animal health and welfare and public safety is central to our standards. Students will be in contact with patients and their owners throughout their education and it is important that they learn in a safe and effective way.”

The consultation runs until 5pm on Wednesday 3 April 2024 and all members of the veterinary team – including RVNs, student veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons – can take part in order to provide detailed feedback on each of the six core standards and each of individual requirements within these standards.

A PDF version of the new draft Standards Framework is available to download from where the document is also available to read in webpage format.

If you have any questions about the document or how to respond to the survey please don’t hesitate to contact the RCVS Veterinary Nursing Team on

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