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Psittacine and Passerine Birds

8 July - 28 July


Course Overview

The aim of the online modular course is to discuss identification of the common (and not so common) psittacine and passerine birds seen in practice, husbandry of the most common species and safe handling of these avian patients; hospitalisation; supportive care, critical care and emergency treatments; basic diagnostic approaches; common diseases and treatment options and analgesia and anaesthesia.

Module 1. Identification and Husbandry
Module 2. Handling and Examination
Module 3. Diagnostics and Supportive Care
Modules 4. Anaesthesia and Surgery
Module 5. Common issues and basic procedures
Module 6. Common Diseases: nutritional associated diseases and gastrointestinal diseases
Module 7. Common Diseases: reproductive diseases, respiratory diseases, skin complaints and toxicity

Sarah Pellett

BSc (Hons) MA VetMB, Cert AVP (ZooMed), DZooMed (Reptilian), MRCVS. RCVS Recognised Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
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