Experts discuss evidence-based selection of supplements in free webinar

Dr Marge Chandler and Dr Michael Lappin provide practical tips for communication with clients

A free live webinar brings together small animal nutrition and internal medicine experts Dr Marge Chandler and Dr Michael Lappin to discuss “Evidence-based selection of supplements in clinical practice”. The 60-minute Purina Institute Collaborative Care webinar will take place on 2 May at 6 pm BST (12 noon CST, 7 pm CEST) to explore how vets can evaluate and choose supplements in an evidence-based manner and how to make those recommendations to clients. Registration is available at

Today’s pet supplement market has grown substantially over the past few years, with more companies offering a wider range of products and claims — often directly to pet owners. Given the numerous choices, veterinary professionals need to be able to evaluate whether a supplement is both safe and effective and communicate why they are recommending a specific supplement for their patient.

The webinar will discuss the value supplements can offer to pets who are already on complete and balanced diets as well as how supplements are regulated and the importance of quality control. The session will cover the challenges for vets in selecting supplements for their clinical practice, what factors can determine the choice of supplement, and how they can critically evaluate the evidence supporting a supplement.

Dr Chandler and Dr Lappin will also provide practical tips for vets to communicate with clients about why they are recommending a specific supplement for their patient, with a focus on facilitating client adherence with the recommendations.

Marge Chandler, DVM, MS, MANZCVS, DACVIM (SAIM, Nutrition), MRCVS, is an independent consultant in small animal nutrition and internal medicine and Chair of the FEDIAF Scientific Advisory Committee, founding member of the European Veterinary Nutrition Educators Group, and Co-Chair of the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee.

Michael Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, is the Kenneth W. Smith Professor in Small Animal Clinical Veterinary Medicine and Director of the Center for Companion Animal Studies at Colorado State University. He is on the editorial board of Feline Medicine and Surgery and Compendium on Continuing Education for the Practicing Veterinarian and is the editor of the textbook, Feline Internal Medicine Secrets.

Daniel Rodes Moltó of the Purina Institute recognises the need for vets to be able to effectively advise clients on the supplements that can support their clinical practice.

“Vets need to be confident in navigating conversations with clients about supplements in a way that encourages them to understand and comply with their recommendations,” says Dr Rodes. “We are pleased to offer this interactive webinar on how to evaluate and select supplements using an evidence-based approach in a non-promotional setting. Webinar attendees are welcome to submit questions for our speakers in advance and to ask questions during the live event, which promises to be an enjoyable and lively session supporting the aim of improving the lives of pets.”

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