Give newborn lambs a nutritional boost with Lamb Shield

Newborn lambs will benefit from the nutritional boost provided by Lamb Shield, Nettex’s newest lamb energy and gut development supplement.

A highly concentrated energy source to help lambs thrive with body heat production, Lamb Shield has a multi-purpose formulation to support gut health and immune response.

The inclusion of egg proteins and selenised yeast supports healthy gut development with the availability of favourable bacteria. Paired with vitamins A, D and E, Lamb Shield also helps maintain the integrity and optimum function of reproductive, muscular, nervous and immune systems.

“Lamb Shield is a great product to have in your lambing toolkit to help uplift newborn lambs, especially those who need a nutrient boost to thrive,” says Emily Hall, livestock farmer and Product Manager for Nettex. “The combination of energy, vitamins and gut support act as an insurance policy to get lambs off to a strong start.”

Lamb Shield is available in a 100ml pump bottle for quick and easy administration. Lambs requiring an energy boost should be administered 4ml orally.

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