Home delivery service can increase pet health plan sign-ups by 25%

Leading pet health plan provider, Premier Vet Alliance (PVA), has revealed the substantial increase in revenue and client satisfaction that practices can expect as a result of adding home delivery to their pet health plans. The new analysis indicates that offering home delivery increases plan sign-ups by 25% while cutting cancellations by 15%.1 These statistics illustrate how delivery services such as PVA’s Post2Pet service can significantly increase revenue for practices by offering greater convenience and value to pet owners.

The value of pet health plans is now widely acknowledged, with the potential impact of not having one estimated at £17,800 of lost revenue per month for a typical two-vet practice.2 The added value of home delivery services, however, is less widely discussed. These are the first widely-available figures to expand on the growth in pet health plans, and subsequently revenue, that a home delivery service can provide.

While home delivery for the elderly and less mobile has always been of benefit, convenience is a growing priority for younger clients accustomed to the ease of subscription services. With 59% of new pet owners under the age of 353, veterinary practices offering the convenience of home delivery are best positioned to attract new clients, improve client retention, and promote uptake of appropriate, prescribed parasiticides. The perceived value of such a service is clear; statistics show that, given the choice, more than two thirds (69%) of existing veterinary clients would sign up to PVA’s home delivery service, Post2Pet.4 By increasing the perceived value of services offered with their pet health plan, practices can benefit from the net plan growth of over 25% identified in this latest analysis.5

Andrew Carter, Operations Director at Premier Vet Alliance, comments “Before launching Post2Pet, we undertook a major review to gain a better understanding of changes affecting both the veterinary market and consumer behaviour. The overwhelming growth area was home delivery, and this shift in consumer behaviour is now being recognised across the veterinary industry.

He continues, “Clients are bombarded with ways to access their pet’s essential products away from the clinic, and they can end up using less suitable or less effective products. Offering a home delivery service such as Post2Pet allows practices to respond to clients’ need for convenience, giving pet owners high quality products in a way that suits them, while improving client retention, helping to grow pet health plan revenues and enhancing compliance with veterinary advice.”

In addition to helping grow practices’ pet health plans, a major benefit of home delivery services is the resultant increase in compliance with suitable parasiticide products. While a pet health plan has been shown to increase compliance with parasiticides from 25-30% to 68%, with a home delivery service this can increase to 100%.4 Choosing to offer a VMD-compliant service therefore not only allows practices to ensure the parasite treatments used by their patients are suitable and effective, but also ensures that pets and owners benefit from their regular use. Meanwhile, practices benefit from healthier patients, enhanced owner satisfaction, and increased pet health plan subscriptions and parasiticide sales, all via an efficient process requiring minimal administration, reduced shelf space and less staff time.

As a leading pet health plan and home delivery service provider, Premier Vet Alliance work with over 2360 practices, of which more than 125 currently offer their home delivery service, Post2Pet. Their experience, knowledge and commitment to supporting both practices and clients has allowed them to develop their range of services. While their Post2Pet service can be offered to all clients, this latest analysis illustrates the significant increase in long-term revenue available to practices that offer home delivery alongside their pet health plan. To find out more about working with PVA, visit premiervetalliance.com/uk.


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Press contact: Fiona Farmer, Companion Consultancy, Email: fiona@companionconsultancy.com Tel: 07925 133304,

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