New intestinal support for cats and dogs from Vita Animal Health

A new product to support intestinal health in dogs and cats has been launched by animal health
company, Vita Animal Health. Developed by scientists, Omniflora is available in a paste and tablet
form and delivers seven symbiotic ingredients to maintain and support intestinal function for both
acute digestive upset and long term support. Vita Animal Health are launching Omniflora at Crufts
Dog Show, where they encourage visitors to stand 102 in Hall 5 to learn more about Omniflora and
take part in their stand competition.*

Omniflora paste can be used to provide fast acting support in acute digestive upset or strategically
ahead of perceived stressful events such as travel or veterinary appointments. Its unique formula
contains seven functional groups of ingredients: probiotics, prebiotics, adsorbents, parabiotics,
postbiotics, electrolytes and nutrients of intestinal cell support. These proven natural ingredients aid
natural digestive balance, promote the microbiota and replenish the natural balance of gut bacteria.
Veterinary nurse and sales manager, Tara Evans, explains “Digestive upset in cats and dogs is
common. We wanted to provide vets and pet owners with an easy-to-use solution that can be used
in practice or at home. One tube of paste lasts for three consecutive days to support cats and dogs
as they recover from gastrointestinal upset.”

Omniflora is also available in tablet form, a handy alternative to animals who resist an oral syringe.
The tablets contain the unique formulation of probiotics, prebiotics and adsorbent clay and fibre,
designed to protect, support and maintain the natural intestinal environment.
Tara continues “We are learning more and more about the importance of the gut microbiota. It is
recognised that the microbiota has a huge influence over the wellbeing of dogs and cats. As well as
supporting the gut in acute episodes of digestive upset such as diarrhoea, Omniflora can be used
ahead of time in stressful events such as travelling, visiting the groomers, or any planned veterinary
procedures such as surgeries or blood tests.”

Omniflora paste and tablets are available in convenient sizes to cater from small cats to large dogs.
The paste is available in two sizes, 15ml and 30ml. Omniflora can be ordered here

Vita Animal Health will be on stand 102 in Hall 5 at Crufts.

*spin the wheel competition results in on the spot prizes.

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