New License Claim for Market-Leading Calf Scour Vaccine Confirms

Antibody Boosting Effects Are Wider Than Before

MILTON KEYNES, UK, 29th November 2022 – MSD Animal Health (a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, N.J., USA (NYSE: MRK)) has announced that its market-leadingcalf scour vaccine, BOVILISâ ROTAVECâ  CORONA, is now licensed to boost antibodies against both F5 (K99) and F41 E.coli adhesins – the most commonly isolated fimbriae taken from calves suffering with infectious diarrhoea2.

            The new license claim means this established vaccine combines the broadest calf scour protection available with unique user convenience.

“When correctly administered as a single 2ml intramuscular dose to pregnant cattle 12-3 weeks prior to calving, BOVILISâ ROTAVECâ  CORONA boosts antibodies in colostrum for rotavirus, coronavirus and now both E.coli F5 (K99) and F41. Calves gain protection against these infectious scour pathogens by drinking the fortified colostrum from their vaccinated mothers,” explained MSD Animal Health livestock veterinary adviser Dr Kat Baxter-Smith.

“BOVILISâ ROTAVECâ  CORONA also contains the most prevalent rotavirus strain in Europe3, which minimises the chances of a calf scour protection breakdown due to differences between vaccine antigens and the ubiquitous antigens on farm4.”

Dr Baxter-Smith added that the vaccine also comes with unique practical benefits; as a broached product vial can be used for up to 28 days after first opening*.

            “Vet, RAMA and farmer feedback suggests the wide vaccination window (12-3 weeks pre-calving) and the fact that an opened bottle of vaccine lasts for up to 28 days are particularly useful practical benefits in a mix of both dairy and beef suckler systems,” she said.

            BOVILISâ ROTAVECâ  CORONA is available in 5, 20 and 50-dose packs from both veterinary professionals and the agricultural merchant trade.

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