Pre-calving trace element bolusing supports calf and cow health and performance

EnduraBol Pre-Calver and EnduraBol High Iodine provide tailored supplementation for pre and post calving cows and heifers

Spring calving beef and dairy herds are approaching a critical period for trace element supplementation, says Emily Hall, product manager for Nettex.

“The majority of foetal development takes place in the six to eight weeks leading up to calving. A huge amount of nutritional stores are going to go towards foetal development, requiring supplementation during this period of essential trace elements and vitamins to support adequate growth, health and reproduction of both the dam and her calf,” explains Ms Hall.

With the addition of EnduraBol Pre-Calver and EnduraBol High Iodine to Nettex’s EnduraBol Cattle bolus range, cattle farmers have new options for their trace element supplementation programmes.

EnduraBol Pre-Calver consists of two boluses that provide a sustained release of six trace elements and three vitamins for up to 120 days. Nutrients include high levels of copper, zinc, iodine, cobalt, selenium, manganese and vitamins A, D3 and E.

“For dams, the balance of these nutrients will reduce calving issues, aid in quicker recovery after calving and support hormone production for better conception rates,” she explains. “Unborn calves will optimise growth and development and have support in developing a healthy immune system.”

For cattle on primarily forage diets, especially those consuming brassicas and legumes, EnduraBol High Iodine is recommended. Also consisting of two boluses, EnduraBol High Iodine contains high levels of copper, zinc, cobalt, selenium, manganese and vitamins A, D3 and E, and has an average daily supply of 17.60mg of iodine to overcome likely deficiencies. 

“Iodine is not stored within the body, therefore a continuous supply from the diet is required for normal production of the thyroid hormones, which control energy metabolism and metabolic rate. If deficient, calving can be delayed and slowed, calves can have poor vigour and the risk of still-births increases,” says Ms Hall. “Pastures and forages are often deficient in iodine, while brassicas and legumes contain compounds that block iodine absorption – therefore requiring a higher level of supplementation in some circumstances.”

Long-term assurance with EnduraBol

EnduraBol bolus technology features ‘single point erosion’ that ensures consistent and reliable delivery of trace elements and vitamins for extended periods. This slow and steady release allows the animal to optimise absorption while ensuring consistent trace element delivery over a long period, explains Ms Hall.

“This is a much better option than drenching or relying on feed consumption for trace element delivery. Drenches provide a large pulse of nutrients in a short amount of time that won’t be fully absorbed and feeding has varying intakes which often result in deficiencies spotted throughout the herd,” she says. “However, a bolus ensures every animal gets a consistent amount of trace element supplementation.”

EnduraBol boluses should be administered at least six weeks before calving using the EnduraBol gun. Each pack contains 20 boluses to supply 10 cows.

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