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RCVS 12th 2

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Tuesday 12th July 2016, 1pm


The RCVS is consulting on some potential revisions to its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy for vets and vet nurses. In this webinar, Professor Stephen May and former Chair of VN Council Kathy Kissick will explain the reasons for changing the CPD policy and present the proposed new outcomes-based CPD model.

The main element of the proposed new CPD model is the concept of ‘Plan, Do, Record, Reflect’ in which members of the profession are encouraged to identify their CPD needs using a development plan, embark upon the planned activity, keep a record of the CPD undertaken (including supporting evidence), and, in the final stage, reflect upon the impact of the activity. An outcomes-based approach would concentrate less on the amount of hours logged and more on interactive, reflective learning andmeasuring the impact that this has on the individual’s practice and patient health outcomes.


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  1. Interesting idea and I do believe in reflective practice. However, many of us nurses out there barely get any cpd support or funding. We are aware of our nursing educational needs but the gap in courses being provided or funded is huge. It is often the same things being taught over and over.I have worked in referral for many years and am often turned down for courses by my practice because “they are too simple”. If we can’t get our cpd needs filled there isn’t much to reflect on.

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