RCVS Academy launches new course to support newly registered veterinary nurses

For this year’s Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, the RCVS Academy, a free digital learning platform for the veterinary professions, has launched a new course which aims to provide newly registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) with consistent, meaningful and personalised support during the transition from student to RVN.

Designed with the RCVS veterinary nursing team, ‘RVN Starting out’ supports early-career professional development and enables newly registered veterinary nurses to become competent, confident, autonomous members of the practice team. It can be completed either independently or with the support and guidance of a mentor.

VN Futures Project Manager, Jill Macdonald, said: “The transition from student to RVN is an exciting yet challenging time. Our RVN Starting Out course has been created to support adapting to professional responsibility, optimising workplace learning opportunities and working effectively as part of a team. The course also assists newly registered nurses with building confidence and considering their career development. The veterinary nursing profession continues to evolve, with RVNs playing a fundamental role within practice. We have included learning on key areas such as reflective practice, workplace culture, quality improvement, clinical decision-making and assertive communication to reflect the responsibilities that veterinary nurses now undertake. We want to promote and support our veterinary nurses’ development to respond to the future of the profession.

“We understand how busy life as a veterinary nurse can be, and the flexible approach to learning allows nurses to complete the course in an equally flexible manner. The course is delivered over six modules which can be completed individually and accessed at any time to fit around busy work schedules.”

The course takes around 10 hours to complete and, as with all RCVS Academy courses, is free to access via the RCVS Academy using your My Account login details, where other courses in areas such as CPD reflection, concerns support, and principles of delegation are also available.

Learning on the Academy is developed by the RCVS and offers the ability to plan and track your learning. QR codes and direct links make it simple to record and reflect on what you have learned in the RCVS 1CPD platform, which all registered members of the profession must now use in order to meet the RCVS CPD requirements.

Anyone with any questions or feedback for the Academy please contact academy@rcvs.org.uk

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