RCVS news: Committee members sought to help steer the future course of RCVS graduate development programme

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is looking for veterinary surgeons to join its newly formed Veterinary Graduate Development Programme (VetGDP) Subcommittee, which will help to coordinate and steer the future direction of the landmark scheme.

The VetGDP is launching this summer for the 2021 cohort of UK veterinary graduates and provides a structured programme of support to new graduates, with trained VetGDP advisers providing this support on a one-to-one basis directly within the workplace setting. The overall aim of the programme is to provide a meaningful and effective period of support for all veterinary graduates in the early years of their career, helping them during the transition period from study to work, and resulting in them developing into an assured, confident member of the practice team.

The new Subcommittee, which was approved by the RCVS Education Committee at its May 2021 meeting, will be responsible for the coordination and oversight of arrangements for VetGDP on an ongoing basis.

Dr Linda Prescott-Clements, RCVS Director of Education, said: “VetGDP has already got off to a very promising start with the training having started for over 1,250 VetGDP Advisers who will be ready to support our new UK graduates in veterinary workplaces across the country from this summer.

“With the initial launch well underway, we are now establishing this Subcommittee to oversee the quality assurance of the programme, the ongoing accreditation of veterinary workplaces and continual improvements to the programme, including support for VetGDP Advisers and graduates involved.

“To help meet these aims we are now seeking up to 10 veterinary surgeon members for this new Subcommittee. Applicants can be from all fields of veterinary medicine and science, the key is that they should have some familiarity with the VetGDP and a keen understanding and interest in the needs of new graduates and how best to support them.”

The key activities of the Subcommittee will include overseeing and updating the VetGDP policy and guidance documents; receiving and considering periodic quality assurance reports and advising action where appropriate; deciding on exemptions from the VetGDP; managing the EPA bank,; and, overseeing updates of the VetGDP Adviser training and guidance.

The RCVS is seeking a range of applicants including representatives from first opinion practice, independent practices, corporate practices, MsRCVS working in non-clinical roles, new or recent graduates and VetGDP Advisers. The Subcommittee will also be looking for a lay member with knowledge and experience of a similar graduate development programme to join.

Those who are interested will have until Monday 2 August 2021 to apply to become a member. Applicants are invited to send a concise email to VetGDP@rcvs.org.uk explaining their experience of the needs of new graduates and what they feel they would be able to bring to the Subcommittee.

The Subcommittee is expected to meet three times a year and will report directly to the Education Committee.

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