RCVS News: No rise in RCVS annual renewal fees for second year running

For the second year running, the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has decided that there will be no increase in annual renewal fees this year, either for veterinary surgeons or veterinary nurses, although the process for fee payments will now revert to normal, following two years of alternative arrangements during the pandemic.

Annual renewal fees for veterinary surgeons will remain at the same level as in 2021, at £364 for UK-practising members, £182 for members practising outside the UK and £60 for non-practising members. For veterinary nurses, the annual renewal fee will remain at £74.

Although there is to be no renewal fee increase for the professions, the temporary measures introduced during the pandemic to try to reduce any financial pressures on veterinary professionals will now be removed, as Covid-19 restrictions begin to be lifted and the country slowly transitions back to normal life.

For veterinary surgeons, this means there will no longer be the option to pay renewal fees in instalments, with the fee needing to be paid in full by the usual deadline of 1 April, as per the normal statutory requirement.

For veterinary nurses, there will be no extension to the fee payment window for the 2022/23 fee year, with the usual deadline of 31 December in place once again.

RCVS Treasurer Niall Connell said: “We understand that many veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses will have been impacted financially over the last couple of years, and we appreciate that this has been a very difficult time for the professions. We are pleased that we are able to keep fees static for a second year running, whilst maintaining a strong programme of strategic projects that help to set, uphold and advance standards within the professions.”

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