RCVS news: Online-only 2022 elections for RCVS Council and VN Council now open to voting

The voting period for the 2022 elections for RCVS Council and Veterinary Nurses Council has now opened and veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses have the opportunity to cast votes for their preferred candidates in their respective elections.

The voting emails were sent by Civica Election Services (CES), which runs the elections on behalf of the College, and contained a secure link to the respective voting websites containing pre-filled codes which are unique to each individual veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse.

For the RCVS Council election, there are 13 candidates standing this year and veterinary surgeons can now cast their votes for up to three of them by 5pm on Friday 22 April 2022. The candidates are:

  • Dr Jason Aldiss MRCVS
  • Professor David Barrett FRCVS
  • Dr Mark Bowen FRCVS
  • Dr Abbie Calow MRCVS
  • Olivia Cook MRCVS
  • Edward Davies MRCVS
  • Thomas Gliddon MRCVS
  • Dr Ian McKelvie MRCVS
  • Dr Susan Paterson FRCVS
  • Dr Gonzalo Sanchez-Cabezudo Perez MRCVS
  • Radu Sirbu MRCVS
  • Dr Huw Stacey MRCVS
  • Dr Samantha Webster MRCVS

The full biographies and manifesto statements for each candidate are available to read at www.rcvs.org.uk/vetvote22 where videos of the candidates answering questions submitted by members of the professions may also be found.

The three candidates who receive the most votes will take up their four-year terms on RCVS Council at our Annual General Meeting on Friday 8 July 2022.

Veterinary nurses will also now have until 5pm on Friday 22 April to cast their votes for up to two of the eight candidates standing in this year’s VN Council election. The eight candidates who are standing in this year’s election are:

  • Samantha Jayne Anderson RVN
  • Teri-Ann Baldwin RVN
  • Jessica Louise Beckett RVN
  • Kirsten Cavill RVN
  • Sophie Louise Connolly RVN
  • Jane Davidson RVN
  • Sarah Amanda Scholes RVN
  • Holly Witchell RVN

The two candidates with the most votes will join VN Council for their three-year terms at the College’s AGM in July. The individual candidate profiles are available to view at www.rcvs.org.uk/vnvote22 where you can view videos of candidates answering questions submitted to them by veterinary nurses.

Due to a technical error, CES had to amend and relaunch the voting website for VN Council on the afternoon of Thursday 17 March. The same day, CES directly contacted all those who had voted so far to ask them to re-cast their votes.

Please note – the RCVS Council and VN Council candidate election videos are optional and not all candidates chose to record and submit a video.

As well as the initial voting email, CES will also send regular reminder emails to those veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who have not yet voted in their respective elections.

Any veterinary surgeons or veterinary nurses who have not received their voting email should contact CES directly on support@cesvotes.com stating which election they intend to vote in.

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