RCVS to hold event on developing clear clinical career pathways for veterinary surgeons

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has organised an event to explore options for new clinical pathways for veterinary surgeons, as part of an overall review of the College’s Advanced Practitioner status to ensure that its purpose and benefits are clear.

The ‘Exploring Clinical Career Pathways for the Future’ event takes place at The View at the Royal College of Surgeons on Wednesday 7 December 2022 between 9.30am and 5pm. The aim of the event is to discuss how veterinary clinical career pathways could be enhanced to improve accessibility and flexibility for members of the profession with Advanced Practitioner status, increase satisfaction and engagement, and bring clarity to the public around veterinary roles and statuses.

The event has been organised following a 2021 review of the RCVS Advanced Practitioner (AP) status. The status had been brought-in in 2014 to allow veterinary surgeons to demonstrate that they had advanced knowledge and skills in a particular area of veterinary practice, and the aim of the review was to evaluate the status to ensure its purpose was clear, gauge if it was providing benefits to veterinary surgeons and members of the public, and identify areas in which improvements could be made.

Dr Linda Prescott-Clements, RCVS Director of Education, said: “The results indicated that there was some confusion about AP status amongst the profession and the wider public, and that there was a need for a pathway for practitioners once they’ve achieved the status that would allow for a greater sense of progression and professional growth.

“With this event, we hope to get discussions going on how to solve some of the identified issues around the status, with a view to making some fundamental improvements in the future as well as a concerted effort to demonstrate the status’ value to both the professions and the public.”

The day will include presentations to understand the background behind AP status and the review, as well as discussions break-out groups to discuss how to provide greater clarity and any changes that could be made. Some of the topics under discussion will be identifying a career pathway for vets working in clinical practice, clarifying the roles within the pathways to ensure understanding within and outside the profession

Although attendance at the event is by invite only, there may be capacity for additional guests to attend. If an individual veterinary surgeon or representative of a company or organisation wishes to attend you can contact the RCVS Events Team on events@rcvs.org.uk to request an invite.

Further information about Advanced Practitioner status can be found at www.rcvs.org.uk/advanced

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