Veterinary Woman appoints new editor

Veterinary Woman has appointed Claire Newton-Ransom as its new editor. Claire brings with her a strong background in practice leadership and a passion for gender equality in the workplace.

Veterinary Woman aims to inspire women in the veterinary industry to develop the confidence to overcome challenges and follow their passions. Statistics show that 61 per cent of those working within the veterinary profession are female, yet a far greater proportion of men work in practice director, principal or partner roles1. Studies also show that female vets face “outright discrimination” from colleagues and clients, with sexism rarely being challenged2.

“Throughout my practice management career, and later as an editor, I became acutely aware of the alarming rates of imposter syndrome amongst women in the veterinary profession. Indeed, it is something that I have experienced myself,” said Claire.

“I also observed a tendency for women to be treated differently to that of their male counterpart; whether by clients, colleagues or even by other women. Despite huge advances in gender equality in recent years, sexism is still deeply ingrained in our culture. Unconscious bias not only affects how we are treated by others, but, just as importantly, it can limit how we see ourselves – we don’t give ourselves permission to follow our ambitions.”

Veterinary Woman is keen to continue growing their supportive community through their events, website, mentoring programme and Facebook groups, and wants to establish a platform where women from all areas of the industry can strive to become leaders in their field.

“Veterinary Woman is not just for vets, and it certainly isn’t exclusive to women only,” said Claire. “No matter what role you hold in the industry, we want to help you to follow your passions. Gender balance benefits everyone and men are just as welcome in our community – and very much needed – if we are to achieve fair opportunity for all.”

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