Vetpol® Veterinary Pharmacy Manager Course Meets Practice Standards Scheme Requirements

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Vetpol’s Veterinary Pharmacy Manager course has been deemed an appropriate dispensing course for the purposes of the Practice Standards Scheme (PSS), making it a useful tool for staff in practices accredited, or looking to be accredited, by the PSS. This comprehensive course is engaging, simple to navigate and includes reliable information on how to successfully run a veterinary pharmacy according to best practice. Participants can use the course to evaluate how their pharmacy is currently run and advise their practice on how this can be improved to benefit clients, patients and the veterinary team.

The course successfully meets the Practice Standard Requirements 10.3.1 (Small Animal Veterinary Hospital) and 9.3.1 (Equine Veterinary Hospital), as well as the awards points 10.5.1 (Small Animal), 9.5.1 (Equine) and 8.5.1 (Farm), equipping practices to run their pharmacy in line with the PSS. Participants can be confident that this comprehensive course will cover everything they need to know to effectively promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care, with topics including information on how to source, dispense and monitor medications appropriately.

Vetpol Director, Caroline Johnson, explains how the course can benefit practices, “Veterinary staff who complete this course can rest assured that they are learning correct and accurate information on products and current legislation,” says Caroline. “Pharmacy management is often considered a somewhat dry topic, so we’ve designed this course to contain useful content that is relevant to clinical practice. We’ve also organised the course content in a user-friendly format, using bullet points and helpful pictures to break up the text, making the information easy to digest.”

Vetpol’s Pharmacy Manager course consists of a total of seven modules, followed by a 60 minute multiple choice question exam– so there is no delay in receiving results. The completed course is worth 15 hours of CPD. All training is completed at the participant’s own convenience online, and support is readily available through forums and social media groups or, alternatively, the Vetpol team is on hand to answer questions.  

“The course is suitable for all members of the veterinary team, including front of house employees,” says Caroline. “And it’s also very useful for SQPs intending to move into a veterinary pharmacy role, pharmacists looking to learn more about the specific needs of a vet practice pharmacy and managers of veterinary pharmacies in larger veterinary groups. Pharmaceutical company employees may also benefit from the course, as it will enable them to gain a better understanding of their customers.”

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