Vetstream’s Client Factsheet service upgraded significantly so that clients understand more about their animals when they want, from their trusted source, their veterinary practice!

Vetstream has updated its Client Factsheets service significantly with many new features in the light of feedback from practices, to help clients understand more about the health and welfare of their animals on the practice website when the clients are not in the practice.

The Client Factsheets are easy-to-read articles that cover over 1,100 companion animal, equine and bovine health and welfare topics in the language your clients understand. They will save time in consults and help clients be better-informed animal carers; providing information to them when they need it, not just during working hours. Within each species, there are a wide variety of categories from Behaviour to Heart Disease and Travel to Diagnostic and Surgical Procedures, which help practices communicate efficiently with their clients.

In addition to being displayed on the practice website, in alphabetical and searchable lists, they can now also be printed and/or downloaded as PDF files with the practice logo and website address, as well as QR codes to enable owners to share the location of the factsheet with their friends and family, thus spreading the word even further about the practice. The practice website is provided new peer-reviewed information and advice that is kept up to date on an ongoing basis by Vetstream via an automatic API feed so that practices can be confident that the content on their website is updated without them having to do anything once it is set up.

The colours of the background webpages, the font colour, size, and typeface can all be configured as well as the styles of the headings to suit the practice’s look and feel. The practice website is provided with a simple plugin so that the client factsheets display on their practice website as if they are an integral part of the practice website. Practices now have the choice of a variety of content management systems: WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, Squarespace, Kentico, etc.

Dr. Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream said, “Practices wanted core features such as the practice logo and another styling. The provision of QR codes was popular as many clients say that they want to access the practice website via their smartphone. QR codes enable clients to spread the word about their practice by enabling their contacts to scan the QR code and be taken to the exact page on the practice website with the specified content.

In addition, the practice can now send the web address of the page via email, text, or Whatsapp that they want the client to read so that the client can be provided with the information about the condition that their animal is experiencing and the recommended treatment and have a more informed discussion with their family and friends about what the practice has diagnosed or is proposing, rather than perhaps not remembering everything that they were told in the practice.

Johnston continued, “We very much understand that practices want to focus on patient care. Practices have been overwhelmed with a significant number of inbound calls about topics that would be easily provided on the practice website. A good example was during the pancytopenia crisis when many concerned cat owners wanted to know about this emerging clinical condition. Within four days of the appearance of this condition, Vetstream was able to provide a point of care information on Vetlexicon Felis and on the same day, the client factsheet appeared on practice websites.

An additional benefit is that clients may want to find out more about the health and welfare of their pet outside the practice’s normal working hours practice, and now they can from the practice that they trust via the practice’s website.

The client factsheets are available on a monthly subscription which varies according to the number of species groups that the practice wants. SPVS members are now able to benefit from a 15% discount to the usual pricing.

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