VNs, Make sure you have your say – OR OTHERS WILL SPEAK FOR YOU.

On Saturday I was invited to observe my first ever BVNA Council Meeting.  I would like to thank all the current council members for making us newbies feel so welcome.

It was a long old drive from up north down to Harlow, but I drove down on Friday and stopped on the way for a cuppa with a friend which broke the journey up.

Anyway, back to the interesting part – the Council Meeting.

There are many roles and sub committees within the council – something I was not really aware of, well that is until it was suggested that I become the chair of the Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month committee that is!

Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month is not until May – so don’t worry you have got ages to get your suggestions to me on how we can smash it next year.  Being on this committee is really exciting for me as one of my passions is increasing awareness with the public on how invaluable we are in practice, animal health and human health.

During the Council meeting VN Futures was discussed in detail.  VN Futures is about taking charge of our profession and our future – what do you want the future of our profession to look like?

It covers some great aspects of our profession now and in the future such as

One Health – what does that mean to you?

Career Structure

Do you want an advanced practitioner status?

Do you want a consultant nurse status?

Head Nurse – do you think this is still a valid job title?

These are just two of the areas that were discussed.  Have you read the VN Futures report? You can download a copy by CLICKING HERE.

This is such an important time for us as Veterinary Nurses – make sure you have your say – or others will speak for us.

The VN Futures Action Group is made up of 10 people – 8 of which are Veterinary Nurses – you can see them all and their biographies at the link below.

There has also been a video produced.


Please take the time to watch the video and read the report.

Have your say – or let others speak for you – the choice is yours.


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