What a busy BSAVA I had.

I am now back home and recovering from a busy few days at BSAVA Congress.  I went to Birmingham on Wednesday to set up The Webinar Vet stand ready for the opening of the Exhibition at 10am on Thursday. I escaped around 6.30pm on Saturday.bagdes

It was a mental few days! I cannot believe how quickly my badges flew off the stand.  All were gone by around lunchtime on Saturday.

It was great to connect with so many Vet Nurses, some new and some old friends. All of which I did my best to persuade to vote in the RCVS VN Council elections.  With only 11% of us voting last year it shows the lack of engagement.  Hopefully I have helped this year to increase that % – we will have to wait to and see.

David Grant was helping us on our stand, I do still feel a little star struck as remember watching him on t12932549_559819794180210_6613376440976778921_nhe TV back in the day. He really is a lovely person and it was great having him on our stand again.  As an added bonus he introduced to me to a friend of his – Dr Bruce Fogle.  I had a great chat with him, watch this space, I will announce soon a new and exciting project that he is involved with.

I did manage to get off the stand for a very short time on Saturday and get a couple of freebies to bring home with me, thanks Lee for the sweets for the boys! A lovely Millpledge bag as well. I saw some great fun stethoscopes, a life size cat walking around, and a great bandage to use to avoid pets going home with an IV catheter in.

I didn’t attend any of the social events this year – something I was grateful for when I saw some of the hangovers in the exhibition hall in the mornings!

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