BVA Live: Have your say on the hottest topics facing veterinary professionals today

The British Veterinary Association (BVA), is calling all veterinary professionals to join the debate, as they delve into some of the hottest topics currently facing the profession at BVA Live 2023.

The stimulating sessions will take place on 11-12 May, at the NEC Birmingham, as part of a jam-packed, two-day programme, offering 17 hours of high-quality CPD. BVA Officers – President Malcolm Morley, Senior Vice President Justine Shotton and Junior Vice President Anna Judson – will lead the debates, digging into ethical dilemmas and exploring contentious issues in the Interactive Zone.

This year’s BVA Live hot topics are:

  • What if vets trained to practise in only one species group? We debate the hypothetical ramifications to a change in veterinary training. How would single species qualifications change the face of the profession?
  • What if UK dog imports were banned? With some charities already calling for tighter restrictions to protect the domestic dog population, their owners and vets from imported disease risks, we’ll explore the potential impact of an outright ban.
  • What is the role of vets in maintaining the social licence of animal sport? Speakers and attendees will discuss the ethical and practical role of vets in animal support and consider whether the time has come for the profession to reconsider its involvement.

British Veterinary Association President Malcolm Morley said: “These ‘hot topic’ sessions are bound to be a highlight for every vet professional with an interest in the issues facing the profession today. From specialisation in the profession, to dog imports and the ethical challenges around animal sport, they offer a chance to step outside of our daily work and dig deep into these contentious issues. Some people come with a soapbox, while others come to listen, but the informal setting means that on the day everyone becomes a part of the discussion and debate.”

The full BVA Live programme is available online. BVA members get a 15% discount. Book your ticket by midnight on 6 April for just £160 +VAT.

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