BVA welcomes introduction of compulsory microchipping of cats in England

BVA has welcomed new legislation laid in Parliament to introduce compulsory cat microchipping in England, but reiterated concerns that the move may exacerbate ongoing issues with access to database records.

British Veterinary Association President Malcolm Morley said: “Microchipping is a key element of responsible cat ownership, so news that it is to become compulsory in England is very welcome. This relatively simple technology can have a big impact, enabling lost, stray and stolen cats to be reunited with their families, and injured cats to be quickly identified and treated. However, the British Veterinary Association remains concerned that the multitude of databases offering microchip registrations makes the identification process slow and labour intensive. We’re mindful of the increased administrative burden compulsory microchipping of dogs brought to vet practices. Today, the veterinary workforce is under even more strain and so with just over a year until the new rules come into effect, this issue must be resolved with the introduction of a single point of access to all animal database records for practices and owners.” 

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