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Canine and Feline Lymphoma

10 June - 30 June


Course Overview

Lymphoma is a frequent diagnosis in practice in both dogs and cats. While nodal lymphoma is most prevalent among dogs, in cats it can have a range of presentations that poses a diagnostic and treatment dilemma to the clinician. Lymphoma can present in many different forms, and the clinician should be alert to the possibility of this condition in any cat regardless of age, breed or viral status.

The course is meant to be practical guide to the diagnosis and management of canine and feline lymphoma. You will learn what are the most indicated diagnostic and clinical staging tests including indications and interpretation of flow cytometry and PARR tests. You will receive an update about the most current induction and rescue treatment options that may be available both in general and referral practice.

Communicating the evidence to the owner in a positive, knowledgeable and compassionate way and presenting a fair and realistic overview of what is to be expected is very important and necessary to achieve an informed consent and owner involvement in decision making.

Module 1. Diagnosis of canine lymphoma
Module 2. Clinical staging of canine lymphoma
Module 3. Therapy of canine lymphoma: induction protocols
Module 4. Therapy of canine lymphoma: rescue protocols
Module 5. Extranodal forms of canine lymphoma
Module 6. Feline Lymphoma – Introduction and Feline Alimentary lymphoma
Module 7. Other Forms of Feline lymphoma

Dr Chiara Penzo (DVM PhD Dip.ECVIM (Oncology) MRCVS. European and RCVS Recognised Veterinary Specialist in Oncology)

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