Talking Taboo Topics in Endometriosis Awareness Month

Veterinary Woman is tackling more taboos this March, taking on the topics of endometriosis and smear tests in a live discussion with VetYogi, Chloe Hannigan. The talk coincides with the national awareness campaign throughout March to highlight the significant number of women affected by severe monthly hormonal swings. The discussion to be aired on the Veterinary Woman Facebook page at 8pm on Wednesday 17th March, and builds on from the health month series in October 2020. 

VetYogi Chloe said she felt emboldened to share her own experiences as a result of seeing other women in the industry do so during the health month: “The bravery of my friends and colleagues opening up to share their experiences of subjects as personal as infertility and breast cancer really struck a chord with me. There are so many of us suffering silently, feeling we have to just soldier on and keep things to ourselves. But talking and sharing opens the door to empathy, understanding and can lead to practical measures to improve our working lives.

She added: “I have found my yoga practice hugely beneficial to managing my symptoms – both mentally and physically – and I want others to know there are things we can do to help ourselves and each other.“

Liz Barton, editor of Veterinary Woman, is on a mission to help women in working life impacted by health issues. She says, “Having seen the overwhelming response to the health month discussions, and the magnitude of the impact of menopause highlighted in our recent report, I now want to see the development of practical tools to help women and practices to support happier and healthier working life. I appreciate these topics aren’t easy to bring up – especially in practice. We hope that by starting the conversation it can be talking point for others who are struggling. We want to make it ‘okay to say’, and ensure the awareness and tools are there so when individuals do speak up, it is met with understanding and the willingness and ability to help.”

Companies and organisations wishing to support this work should contact Individuals can register for updates about further health events and resources by joining the Veterinary Woman email list, or following Veterinary Woman on social media.

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