Vetpol® offers new Pharmacy Manager Course for veterinary practices

SQP regulator Vetpol is expanding its training program to include an online Veterinary Pharmacy Manager course, which aims to help veterinary practices manage their pharmacy operations more effectively. The course will allow qualified SQPs to take their training to the next level by becoming qualified to manage a veterinary pharmacy within a registered premises and is also suitable for anyone taking on the role of running a veterinary pharmacy for the first time. The accredited course provides eight hours of CPD or 40 Vetpol SQP credits and offers a new opportunity for anyone interested in expanding their career by taking on more responsibility within a veterinary practice.

The course is comprised of seven modules followed by a multiple choice question exam, leading to a certificate. It delivers the essential knowledge needed to run a veterinary pharmacy and covers several key areas such as sourcing, supply and safe handling of veterinary medicines, as well as good dispensing practice. This course enables the qualified candidate to take responsibility for the effective running of a veterinary pharmacy within a veterinary practice acting under the direction of a veterinary surgeon.

Vetpol Director, Caroline Johnson, says the requirement to introduce best practice around the supply and dispensing of veterinary medicines has never been greater, “It’s entirely correct that there is a robust framework around the supply of veterinary medicines. Safety at work and the potential for abuse of medicines is also something that greatly concerns the profession. The course describes best practice and also looks at the wider implications around supply of regulated medicines. As it is fully accredited it also acts as a proof point that the practice is working hard to ensure that only properly trained and qualified individuals are developing protocols and implementing processes.”

The use of virtual training has expanded greatly during the pandemic and the training and certification can be completed online at the participants own convenience, with forums and support readily available.  Student feedback from this approach has been positive, “I was able to take the course at my own pace, there was good communication and the training materials were well laid out, easy to reference and find key information.  I loved the fact I wasn’t in a classroom.”

The Vetpol Pharmacy Manager course costs £399, complementing the introductory starter level ‘Safe use of medicines’ course and both be accessed at

About Vetpol

Originally established over a decade ago as a professional networking business for the veterinary sector, Vetpol become a regulator of SQPs on 24th January 2020. The regulator was founded by Caroline and Jeremy Johnson. Caroline has worked in veterinary medicine sales and within the animal health community for most of her career. Jeremy is a veterinary surgeon who has worked in mixed veterinary practice and in animal health companies, both as an employee and a consultant.

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